Monday, July 14, 2008

Summer Blues

I noticed I hadn't updated in over a week, and we didn't do much that was blog-worthy this weekend. So, I figured I would just ramble about the not so fun things about summer. Because its not all about Pacific Palisades and birthday parties, right?

I'm pretty sure it has been a month or more since we saw a day below 100 degrees. The problem is, if it is over about 90 I don't really like going outside. So there is about a month in the summer I would rather just sit in air conditioning, but I don't think the kids like that as much as I do.

Gas is expensive. Duh. But that means when Saturday morning comes around, there are lots of options (go to the beach, a kids museum, etc.) but gas is a big factor and often keeps me from doing anything. This Saturday we went to the mall instead.

Anna is dying for school to be back in. She only went to preschool for a few months before summer, but she asks about school every day. She asked how many more sleeps and we told her about 50.

As we speak, Anna is crying about going swimming in the big pool. The problem is, one adult can't take three kids swimming in a big pool. It takes two of us to do this successfully.

Hopefully the little pool will appease her this afternoon - and I think it might be a long summer.


carilly said...

Aww I love your beach pictures!! Swimming sounds fun =) I want to swim (even though I don't know how to) and keep telling Greg that he should tell his friend to invite us over to swim =)

Ellie said...

Love that pic first of all! And I totally had to laugh when I read your sounds like every mothers worst nightmare!