Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Say No To Pacifiers

Just thought I would update on the boring saga of the pacifiers. I finally took them away late last week. We made a big deal out of putting them outside for the pacifier fairy, and Adam and Isabel (and Anna, not to be left out) got presents in return. Now they get to sleep with pillows and a stuffed animal.

It went very well, not a single peep the first night. Naptime has been another story. Each day has been touch and go, sometimes napping, sometimes not, sometimes taking a very long time to fall asleep. But we'll get there.

Baby Kaleb is coming to visit today, which we are very excited about. But I think he takes a pacifier, so I'm just hoping the twins don't steal it and revert back to their old ways.


Tiffani said...

wow! good to hear it is not going too bad. Hopefully nap time will get better. :) I love that idea of the pacifer fairy. Everyone that I have heard try it said it worked so great.

Vicki said...

that is good news that it hasn't been too rough. when my son was a baby (even now sometimes) it is hard for me to listen to him cry when he doesn't want a nap. but i know it's better for the both of us that he takes one.

let me know if you find any useful tips for potty training. i just don't know if i really want to tackle that issue right now.

Ellie said...

Very impressive! I love the fairy idea!