Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hello? Anyone out there?

This blog is dying.....a.....slow......death. Haven't had the time lately. And then I went to use my fancy new pink laptop to upload some pictures. I took the memory card out of the camera and put it in my laptop, I was so excited that it had a memory card reader. But the next day, my laptop went kaput. So it seems it could not handle the memory card.

I think we are going to return it. I just can't keep a computer that is already having problems. I depend on it too much. Anyway, I might have to get a Mac because Ben thinks they are better. We'll see. They don't come in pink and that might be a deal breaker. BOO on Dell for sending me a computer that didn't work, then sending me a replacement that already doesn't work a few weeks later.

Our updates:

- We had a night away in San Diego last weekend. Our friend Brad tied the knot, congrats Brad!

- Anna is taking a dance class. Isabel won't stop talking. Adam is obsessed with trains.

That's about it - see, you aren't missing anything! I'll try to get a hold of some pictures and start updating again.


John Y. said...

I agree about the Mac, they just released new Macbooks that are pretty slick, you should get one of those! :)

Casey Angulo said...

I am still out here.

Vicki said...

wow, i can't believe the problems you are having with Dell. I love them.

oh well, hopefully you get a working computer fast!!

Tiffani said...

I really really want a mac. lol. I hear from everyone that they are way better. However, our dell is only 2 years old and no problems so far. But ours is a desktop. That sounds so fustrating. I hope you are able to get it fixed soon.

Ellie said...

OK, I never thought I would be a Mac user but I have to say...they are so much better! I didn't see what all the fuss was about but I am totally converted! Go for it!

carilly said...

My sister has a Mac and she loves it!! She was going to get a Dell at first but then realized a Mac might be better. You'll be able to do EVERYTHING on it.

And it's okay, updating I need to do too. Lol maybe Greg will get us a Mac too so we can BOTH go online!! Ahh hopefully maybe =)

charonfamily said...

Oh, I second the BOOO on Dell. I never liked ours. I hope you find something soon! How are you guys? Still house hunting?

carilly said...

Oh you should see the movie! I want to see it too. I might try to convince Greg to take me today or something. But can you believe it? I never knew! I wanted to tell my mom last night but she might think our neighborhood was dangerous or something, hah!