Monday, February 23, 2009


I think part of the reason I've been having a hard time updating the blog lately is because of my other social networking activities. Between MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter, I feel like everyone knows what I'm doing, all the time. It seems unnecessary to update the blog when the same pictures are already on Facebook.

But, I guess there might be a few readers who are not using those Web sites. So this is for you. And for all of the rest, sorry for the repeats!

I've been wanting to get Disneyland passes for a while now. First, because it is my favorite place. I love going, and I get more excited than the kids. Second, because the twins are free for a while longer. I wanted to get two passes before I had to buy four passes. So, when our house fell through, as a consolation prize I bought the Disneyland passes. (Yes, you read that right - we were about one week from closing escrow when we decided it was not the right decision. We now give up and are looking to rent for a while.)

We went for just a few hours for our first trip, and had lots of fun. It was a beautiful 75 degree day, and we just did a few rides and watched a parade. It was a success, and I am already looking forward to our next trip.

So, please come to CA and go to Disneyland with us! I can only go on a weekday, and not in the month of July. I got the cheap passes. But still, you don't want to go on those busy days anyway, right?


Jessica said...

Sorry to hear about the house!

Tiffani said...

awe. so sorry to hear about the house also. Thats a bummer.

I am jelous! Disney passes. Every year I think about getting them. But we never do. I am thinking of getting Castle Park Passes. More what we can afford. lol.

Good luck with finding a rental!

Shawna said...

so you took all 3 kids yourself? you're my hero!

Vicki said...

your family is so cute. i don't care how many times you tell us the same story =o)

ps - i read the blog WAY more than the other sites.

Allison said...

Ha, thanks Shawna! Ben isn't a fan of Disneyland and he has to work during the week so I knew it would just be me if I decided to get a season pass. They were really good and stayed close to me in line. I considered it a great success that I didn't have a moment of losing anyone, and no one got hurt!

Tiffani - I have two tickets for Anna and I to go to Castle Park that I bought for $5. I was thinking we should meet up but they have to be used by the end of March and you are about to have a baby any day now! So I guess some other time :)

Allison said...

Vicki - Oh good, I'm glad some people read the blog more!

Jessica - Are you looking for a house in Indiana? Things are still so volatile here. I tried to think of the house as more of a place to live, but Ben thinks of it as an investment, and it was just too hard to make an investment we knew was a bad one. One that will lose a few percent a month. Getting the appraisal back, which noted how much the house was expected to lose, just put us over the edge. I loved the house we were going to buy though, I'm sad!

carilly said...

Oh I am STILL trying to convince Greg to wanna go to Disneyland! Maybe on a Monday :) And I still read the blog! This whole non-Facebook/Myspace internet world is lonely. I'll probably be the only person in America without it! Yikes!

charonfamily said...

Thanks for updating, I am NEVER on any other site, so I am glad you udate. Sorry about the house, that is a bummer, good thing Disneyland is the happiest place on earth! Have fun!