Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I need a vacation from my vacation

I know I promised house pictures some time ago but that would require too much energy. Instead, I have pictures from our supposed "vacation."

I love our children but they don't understand vacation. We never slept in, stayed out late, or did anything incredibly out of the ordinary in Maine. When we had only Anna, it was easy enough for one of us (or someone else) to watch Anna in order to relax on vacation. Clearly, that is no longer possible. Despite this, we had fun and tried to relax as best we could. At the very least, our trip was memorable as the only vacation (so far) where our family dealt with two separate rounds of sickness (in Maine and CA) and possible teething. It's a miracle we have any happy pictures.

Isabel happy to no longer be on a plane

"Anna fish" in Sebago Lake. She asked to go swimming as soon as she woke up each morning.

Adam walking around camp.

Adam typically sat in the sand and tried not to move. Isabel couldn't sit still and thought she could swim in the lake.

Anna and her cheesy smile.

Poor Adam all alone on the beach. He didn't like the water so he occasionally found himself alone on the beach while the rest of us swam.

The obligatory lighthouse shot. We didn't try to see lighthouses but we came across this one during our travels.

Our ferry ride to Peak's Island. Isabel and Adam wanted to jump in the water the whole time. Anna displays another cheesy smile.

The very very cold Atlantic ocean

Our not-so-little family


John Y. said...

The lake looks pretty. How's that new camera working out for you? :)

Carrie said...

Great Pictures...sounds like you guys had a fun time. Maybe not relaxing but fun none the less. The family picture of all of you is cute. You guys all look fantastic.

Tiffani said...

Very cute pictures. looks like you guys had a lot of fun even if you did'nt get relaxing in. :)