Sunday, September 16, 2007

A short hike

Like an idiot, I made the decision to take the three kids on a hike by myself. About a block from our house is a small creek and trail at Mueller Park. The kids normally like the creek but I decided we would go a little further up the trail.

The hike started out well enough. The kids were relatively happy and excited to be somewhere other than our house or a store.

Above and below are pictures of the creek that Isabel decided to jump in to. I wish I had a picture of her but I was afraid the other two would jump in at any moment and then I would have a much bigger problem. Adam and Anna stood on the bank and leaned over to touch the water. While this happened, Isabel again decided to jump into the water.

Once we got going on the trail, I quickly realized that hiking with three kids is not easy. Even Anna had a hard time walking up the not-too-steep slope. I tried to help the kids along the trail and take pictures but that didn't help much.

Eventually, I ended up carrying the twins down the trail after about 100 yards. Everyone (especially me) was happy to go home.


Allison said...

I think you are so cute for taking three toddlers on a hike. Just remember I am grateful for the quiet working time! What am I going to do when you go back to work full time?? Can you stay home forever? :)

Jessica said...

Please remind us all again why you want to move back here? ; )

Anonymous said...

love to take her deep in the woods, take off her little shorts and knickers, have her take my pants and undies off and we have nakey fun together, she would taste real good and her mouth would feel amazing