Monday, September 10, 2007

Peach Days

Since most of my time is spent on domestic chores, I guess I am also in charge of posting family messages. This last weekend we took the whole family to Brigham City. I know what you are thinking, where are the pictures of the "World's Greatest Wild Bird Refuge?"(see picture to the right) Well, Brigham City Utah is also home to one of the oldest harvest festivals in the United States, known as "Peach Days."

The whole family was excited to make the 45 minute drive north to Brigham. Adam was particularly inquisitive about Peach Days. I think he was dressed for Pumpkin Days but Allison maintains he was dressed appropriately. Isabel was excited about making new friends at the parade and tried to join several families.

Aunt Sabrina was a star in the parade. Anna was almost as excited to see her as she was with the people throwing candy. In all fairness, Sabrina and Kevin did hand out gum which Anna summarily tried to eat and eventually spit out.

Elle met us at Peach days and showed us the best Peach Cobbler stand and spread Texas cheer. I am not a fan of fruity desserts but the peach cobbler was excellent. It was almost as good as Kevin's version. Anna was very excited to see Elle. The more excited Anna is to see someone the less she talks. This usually results in her not saying anything except, "I lost my voice."

Anna liked the parade and peach cobbler but she was most excited about the little rides. We were afraid she would be scared on a ride by herself but she handled it like a champ. She was so excited that she demanded a ride on the Carousel. We obliged although I think Allison was more excited about riding the carousel.


joe said...

you're house is gorgeous.. we're so jealous of the amount of space you guys have.. fruit trees and all! The one tree we had ( which gave us privacy from the apartment right behind us) died and we had to pay $500 bucks for them to carry it away. sheesh.
Anna is getting soo big and pretty and the twins are adorable.. You guys make the cutest little kids.. come visit soon for a play date!

esther said...

I need to correct the mistake. That wasn't joe.. it was esther who left the comment. Joe will get mad becuase he says he doesnt write like a fruitcake.