Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Best

Best Christmas present I got this year:

Best Christmas present EVER:

I've wanted a Blackberry for a while now, but I had no idea Ben was getting me one for Christmas. I also hadn't looked at them much, so I didn't know they came in RED, my favorite color. When I opened that phone on Christmas day, I literally got tears in my eyes. Sad, I know. But hey, it was a beautiful phone.

And now, I truly understand the term Crackberry. How did I ever live without it? Today we went to Sea World and I utilized the long car ride to check both work and personal email, read the news headlines, and look up directions to Sea World. Then, on the way home I looked up the number to a pizza place and ordered pizza. Plus, I could have taken 1.8 MP digital pictures and read my horoscope while I was there. Does the awesomeness ever end?

Ben asked if I checked my email in the middle of the night last night. Come on, I'm not that addicted. But I may have grabbed it as I got out of bed and checked my email in the bathroom. Maybe.


Sara said...

Ha! Welcome! You've officially come over to the dark side. Yes, these things are totally addictive. Mine has certainly made it easier to keep up on everything (well, almost everything... still catching up on the blog) while I'm chasing Ari around the house. I check email and news too, text message and use the Internet while I'm feeding Ari, riding in the car (not driving, I promise...) waiting in line at the grocery store, or any other downtime. If I'm not already working at my computer, it's much easier to check on everything, and definitely easier to hide or hold my Blackjack out of reach when the kiddo decides she wants to get online too. :) Sounds like Ben picked the right gift for you... glad you're enjoying it and hope you guys had a great holiday!


Yay for a new phone!

I like your phone =) Thank you again for the frame holders. I used them already!

John Y. said...

Welcome to the Crackberry fold! :)

Ellie said...

I'm so excited for you! I have been thinking about getting can show me all of it in March! AND its RED! I miss you all and wish I there for a visit!

Steph said...

Now Ben and I can talk about how sad it is when your spouse takes out the blackberry and checks his/her email constantly...sometimes ignoring you while you are talking to them.

No, I'm not bitter about blackberries. :)

Zach calls John's a "berry black"