Monday, December 31, 2007

Tired of my awesome Blackberry?

More than one person has mentioned that they want to see pictures of the kids now - not my phone. I still haven't uploaded all of the Christmas pictures. So for now you'll have to settle for Knott's Berry Farm (Or Blackberry Farm, or Raspberry Farm, whatever Anna feels like calling it that day).

Marlene and I took the kids a few weeks ago, on Toys for Tots day, when you get in for the cost of a toy. It was so busy I was scared for my life a few times, but we had fun anyway. The kids were amazingly good and we did get on a few rides eventually. We didn't take many great pictures, but I guess you'll enjoy them more than my beautiful red phone. Click on each picture if you want to see them life size and kiss those chubby cheeks!


Rising Rainbow said...

Very cute pictures. They look pretty happy on the merry go round. Any kind of horse ride would have made me happy as a kid, even that kind!

Ellie said...

Oh they look so big! Especially Anna.

hottdog said...

cute pics!