Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sea World, See World

In case you couldn't tell, none of my new year's resolutions involved more blog posting. I realized we went to Sea World recently and had pictures from that to post. So, you are the lucky recipient of these. We drove down there because we had season passes that we received when we went there earlier in the year. They were free with a regular park pass. The kids had a fun time, the drive didn't kill us, and we got to see a few of the things that we didn't see last time.

Unfortunately for Anna, they closed down the kids play area for a renovation and she was a bit disappointed. She only asked about it every five minutes and we had to assure her it was closed. The twins seem to recognize and interact with the fish and mammals a lot more and Anna liked touching the star fish and trying to touch the bat rays. That is all.

Doesn't Anna's hair in this picture look like it belongs in an 80's rock band.


Ellie said...

Ha! Her hair totally does! And it looks like the twins are almost as big as she is!

John Y. said...

I love that photo with the 3 of them standing next to the bog window watching something.

Adam looks like a rock, what are you feeding that kid?!?! :)


sea world? oh i totally want to go.

convince greg to take, since his xbox is out of commission =)

Sabby said...

Rock on Anna Rock on!

KATIE said...

So cute! Looks like you had fun.