Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sunny Los Angeles

We need a new post because I'm not as depressed as the last post makes me sound. I know I know, its not cold here. Its in the 50s and 60s. And believe me, I love it. Seriously, I remember almost daily how glad I am we live here. But it is still raining outside and you can't play outside when it's raining.

We've been filling our time with trips to Target, Costco, the Mall, my Mom's, and indoor games. Speaking of the mall, I had an interesting trip the other day. I was just going to Target, but Anna said she wanted to go to the mall. I didn't need anything in particular, so I said sure. We pulled into the parking structure and a few things happened.

1. Isabel threw up on herself
2. The stroller was not in the van

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this a thousand and one times yet, but I have three kids under three feet tall, and it is hard to wrangle them without a stroller. And one of them had a yucky shirt. But, I didn't want to go home. So we all held hands and walked the very long walk to the other side of the mall where they rent strollers. Then we proceeded to buy Isabel a new shirt. Amazingly, it ended up being an okay trip. Mostly because I found Isabel a shirt for $2.50, and then we all ate a cookie from Mrs. Fields. Sweets will always get you through the mall with kids.


Tomorrow, Ben will be watching this, in person:

I'm jealous.


Last random thought, and I wish I had a picture of this, Adam has become the best hugger lately. He puts his little arms around you and squeezes so tight. I'll try to take a picture soon, especially since he'll probably change his hugging style soon. Until then, you can wish you were me. (Or Ben, Grandpa, Grammy, Grandma Horsie, Anna, or Isabel. They all enjoy the hugs too.)


John Sebastian said...

Fun trip to the mall it sounds. I'm also jealous about the game. I Came very close to jumping on a plane to go to the game too! Have fun Benny!

Sabby said...

I am more upset about the warm weather! Here we are stuck in the cold snowy weather. And there is only more to come. Ahhh I miss the sun today!

Kevin said...

Ben if you want i can come down there and you can watch me dunk it!!!!

Kevin said...

Ben if you want i can come down there and you can watch me dunk it!!!!

Ben said...

Kevin, I want to see you dunk it.

Ben said...

Kevin, I want to see you dunk it. Ok, this post is a duplicate to make fun of your duplicate post.

Kevin said...

hey it duplicated on its own!

Steph said...

This is a funny comment thread.
I would like to see Kevin dunk the ball too. :)

Allison, I can't believe you kept going with a throw-up shirt AND no stroller. For some reason I keep forgetting about strollers and end up carrying Maya's gigantic car seat. Ugh. You are brave!

I love Mrs. Fields cookies. That is what I remember about going to the mall when I was little, my mom would get us those bite size cookies. :) Yummy.

I hope the rain clears up for you soon! Or that it gets warm enough to do some puddle jumping (Zach LOVES to do that!)

Is this my longest comment ever??

Alex said...

I think I got one or two of those great hugs before we left...at least I know Matt did. I suppose the stroller not being in the car might be our falt since we borrowed it while we are there... but that was a while ago so... if it was our falt sorry, but I'm glad you had a good trip anyway! It was nice to get a bit of the sunshine while we were there! It has been so much snow here lately!

Allison said...

Who knew this random post would get lots of comments. Oh, except two of them were "duplicate posts." Sorry Kevin, Ben likes to give you a hard time.

Steph - You need a stroller, that carrier gets heavy! Well, unless you are going someplace with a cart and can set it down. Mini Mrs. Fields cookies, yummy. The have some regular sized ones with frosting. The first time we went Anna picked the one with Winnie the Pooh. The second time she picked the skull and crossbones! He he.

Alex - I'm sure we've had the stroller since you borrowed it! We did have good weather when you came. And it is back to sunshine today!