Thursday, May 22, 2008

Outside of my Bubble

Yesterday I was reading the news, and I came across this article about the famine in Ethiopia. I've heard it a million times. But this time, I read the whole article instead of skipping past it. I looked at the picture of the little girl, and it just got me. Here I am sitting at home with everything I need, eating way more than I should, and this little girl is under 10 pounds at age three.

I have three children who are happy and healthy, but she is stunted in her growth and can't even speak because of starvation. It just gets me all over again typing it now.

We give money through our church, which is then distributed for humanitarian aid around the world. So whenever I'm asked to donate to a specific charity, I usually decline. But yesterday, I couldn't look into that little girls eyes without doing something.

So I found the UNICEF site, and instead of donating money, I donated food. I always worry money will end up going to administrative costs or something, but through their site you can purchase a very specific type of food - I chose milk for the young children.

I know, I'm being way too serious for a regular Thursday morning - I just wanted to share something that affected me, and made me so grateful for what we have.

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