Thursday, May 29, 2008

Crazy Kids on Quilts

The last post demonstrated the kids posing nicely and looking cute. On another occasion however, I wanted to take a picture of the twins with the quilts Grandma Yrungaray made them. They would not sit still, they were jumping all over the place. After each picture I would run over and line then all up, then jump out of the shot so Ben could take the picture. But in two seconds flat they would look like this.

On an unrelated note - Adam's favorite word is "why?" It cracks me up, since he doesn't speak in full sentences yet but clearly understands the concept of asking why. He always asks at the right moment and truly listens to your answer. Adam, don't put your dirty hand on the wall. "Why?" Adam, put your shoes on. "Why?" Adam, don't ride your trucks on the couch. "Why?" He just seems too young for the why stage, and makes me laugh every time he says it.

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Jessica said...

Those quilts are adorable! Great job Grandma!