Sunday, June 1, 2008

PR and the Blogosphere

I don't usually write about work on the blog - but I'm thinking I have a few PR co-workers reading, so I'm going to toot my own horn.

Through PilmerPR, I work for a client that just announced a product that uses waste heat to generate electricity. It was a big announcement, and we have a press list of over 500 individuals.

But what was really exciting about this launch was the blog pick up. Although not all companies realize it - blogs are huge, and if you get on the top blogs you are reaching millions of readers. This announcement hit a homerun, and got on the number 3 and 4 most popular blogs in the world, and on the number 1 "green" blog, which really reaches their industry. Here are some clips:





So can I call myself a Web 2.0 PR expert now? Nah, the story just had good news value, which makes it easy to pitch.


Ben said...

I think you're awesome.

John Y. said...

I think you are TOTALLY AWESOME!! :)

Seriously though, good job, very exciting!!! :)

Sara said...

Wow, Allison. Congrats! You couldn't ask for better pick up than those sites! Yes, it's a good story, but there are a lot of PR folks out there who don't realize how much power blogs can have. Fortunately for your clients, you do. :) Great job and very exciting!

Steph said...

I also think you are great at P.R. I'm always impressed by the work you do. When I write a book someday, will you be my P.R/publicist?