Monday, June 23, 2008

Mine Birthday

Last night before bed I wanted to start getting the kids excited about their birthdays coming up. So we talked about cake, asked what they wanted for their birthday, etc. All Isabel wants is cake. Adam wants cars. And Anna - you would think the four year old would have a request. But she doesn't. I've asked her lots of times what she wants and she hasn't thought of anything. She is pretty low maintenance, I could get her a bunch of papers and a few purses/bags and she would be so happy.

This morning, when I got Adam and Isabel from their room, they were talking very loudly to each other.

"Mine birthday."

"No, mine birthday!"

"Mine birthday cake!"

"No, mine birthday cake!"

I knew the day would come when the kids became bitter that they all have the same birthday. Apparently the time has already come.


John Yrungaray said...

Your post made me laugh as I pictured A & I shouting that back and forth to each other in their beds. Funny stuff!

Kevin said...

Me too!