Sunday, June 8, 2008

Anna Banana

Anna: You're like a "banana mommy"
Me: A banana mommy? (confused)
Anna: Because I'm Anna banana

Nightly prayers by Anna: "And thank you that Grandma Horsie will come over again in one day for Mommy's birthday. And she'll be here in only one more day. And thank you that Grandma Horsie came over this weekend. And I won't cry next time that she has to leave...."


I thought the kids would be happy to see us today, but when Anna woke up from her nap she immediately came out crying, "I don't want Grandma Horsie to leave." She must have heard us talking and realized we were home because she was saying this before she even came out of her room. It was a sad sight. Luckily she got past it a few minutes after my Mom left.

I guess she had fun!


Tiffani said...

awe! That is so cute!! My kids do that too. Everytime my mom leaves they cry and make her promise that she will come back again.

Anonymous said...

Anna Banana is such a doll as are Isabel and Adam. I had a great weekend with all of them. They are such a pleasure to be with.

So would I be Grandma Horsie Banana? :)


Ellie said...

So cute, love the pic! Got the check! thanks for the pic!

The Fillmore Fam said...

Isn't it cute how kids prayers are kind of wish lists. That's great they had such a good time- I guess you'll get to do it again soon. Did you guys have a fun vacation? Props on the PR pitch getting posted on the top blogs! It's great to see you've actually used your degree so much :)

John Yrungaray said...

fun stories! Happy Birthday!!!

KATIE said...

Her sayings are adorable!

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