Monday, September 15, 2008

Still Looking

We're still on the house hunt. It has taken longer than we planned, but in the long run I think we'll be glad we held out. Prices....are still...falling. In fact, we are to the point where I think we have to accept that fact that we are going to overpay and buy anyway (hopefully the steepest drops have already happened). Or rent.

I like this blog, which focuses on the real estate market specifically in the Inland Empire. They posted the other day about this house, which is around the corner.


It's hard to wait, my KitchenAid misses me. So does my dining room table. And my dishes. Maybe I should just go out to the storage shed and visit them.

Hello dining room table.

Speaking of this picture, it was taken in our Bountiful house. Hello Bountiful house, I miss you too. Ben was there this weekend, getting it ready for the next tenants, who I'm sure won't appreciate it as much as I did. This is where I would be sitting right now if we lived there.

Hopefully one day I'll have pictures of a new office to post, and until then I'll keep telling myself it has been smart to wait. Smart to wait. Smart to wait. I'm trying, Ben.


Jessica said...

Poor us!

Tiffani said...

I know what you mean. Sometimes I think we overpaid for our new house. But, we needed to sell our old house. and with the new baby coming we needed a bigger house. And there were 6 other people bidding on the house. So maybe that hopefully means we did not overpay. lol. Good luck finding something. Which ever way you go. I am sure its hard waiting. From the pictures I have seen you had such a large beautiful house in Utah. Which by the way, I go out there next weekend for my first time ever! yey! lol

Sara Mariani said...

I know what you mean. Think of how fun it will be once you actually get to move into a new place, though! When Haval and I got here, unpacking everything (yes, including my KitchenAid!) was like opening our wedding gifts all over again. :) Hang in there!

Ellie said...

I miss my stuff too! I went through boxes the other day and it was like Christmas all over again!