Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cousin Love

We've had lots of family visiting here in California lately, and we went up to Utah last weekend. Unfortunately we only had one of our favorite foods while we were there. Actually, it wasn't on our original list, but we also had Tucanos, which was fantastic. They need to bring a Brazilian grill to California.

Our drive back took a little longer due to Labor Day traffic, so we were in the car for 11 or 12 hours. So I want to give a shoutout to Ben's laptop that plays movies. Now that the kids are all old enough for a movie to keep them occupied, we had absolutely no crying on the entire drive.

There has been plenty of cousin love, so here are some pictures!

Anna and Zach at the Peanuts exhibit at the Riverside museum.

Everyone eating dinner at a park in Taylorsville.

The three oldest playing on the slide.

All of the cousins minus Baby Kaleb.


Vicki said...

i love the pictures will all the kids (minus kaleb, maybe next time).

we just bought our kids their own DVD players for the car. We do enough long rides that we needed it.

sounds like a fun weekend!!

Tiffani said...

OMGosh!! lol. We love our DVD players for the cars. I dont know what we would do without them.

That is so cute how all the cousins are so close in age. You guys are very lucky.

Wow! I cant believe it took you so long to come home from Utah. lol. Dan leaves for Utah on Sunday. :o( Driving by himself. I am a little nervous. I picture it being this tiny windey road. lol. He assures me it is a large highway to get there. lol

Ellie said...

I cannot believe how grown up Anna looks! And so tan...I am jealous!