Friday, October 9, 2009

Flashback Friday

A few weeks ago I came across some adorable pictures of Anna's 2nd birthday on my in-laws computer.

I talk about it every year, so of course you all know by now that Anna's birthday is the day after Adam and Isabel's birthday. So, the year she turned 2 I was still in the hospital. My sister-in-law Stephanie planned a little party in my room - and check out the last minute cake she made! Anna looks so happy, love these old pictures.

The other reason I was thinking about this today, is because I saw this story about a lady who had two sets of twins in 10 months. Good luck lady!


Jessica said...

Awh, what a sweet sister in law. Anna is so adorable!

Vicki said...

She does look super happy!! That is an awesome looking cake.

Again, all your "babies" (sorry Ben) are so adorable.

charonfamily said...

I love her little expressions on he face... priceless!