Thursday, April 19, 2007

Feast or Famine

My freelance work goes in January and February I wasn't really doing much. Then in March I took on a new client, one of my old ones came back around, and then yesterday another one that had been on hold called with more work. It's always feast or famine.

In my perfect world, I have this great balance between work and the kids. I get to stay home and see them all day, but work when they sleep and for a few hours when a nanny is here to help out. We have a nanny who comes 15 hours a week - a small amount of time that makes a huge difference. This week she has pneumonia. Every time we talk and she is still sick I get a pit in my stomach. I'm getting used to having the help and now I'm behind big time.

When I'm behind it's not just work. It's more the fact that I didn't take a shower until 6 o'clock today, there is a huge pile of laundry, and we haven't left the house all week. It snowed yesterday and it would be a pain to go out, so I guess I won't feel bad about that part. (It is way too late in the season for more snow by the way - this better be the last time!)

The kids are all asleep now, so I better get to work. When things settle down I'm looking forward to using the time after they go to bed to relax in our new tub.

P.S. I love these guys, they are worth it!


Steph said...

I'm sorry you are behind on things, what was your nanny thinking getting pneumonia?? :) Boo on people getting sick when they are needed.
I hope things settle down for you soon and you get a nice bath in that tub (pretty tub by the way!).
I'm also excited you have a blog!

Sabby said...

Is there anything that I can do to help? Maybe I can come over tomorrow and help with the kids while you work? That tub does look nice, I will have to tell Kevin I saw his good work!

Sara said...

All of the freelance designers and writers I've worked with say the same - too much or not enough work. Aside from the friends in the office at KB, I know I'm certainly going to miss the steady work! But like you said - it's worth it. :) The photos of your kids are great - I'm so amazed at how big they are now. Hope you get to slow down and enjoy...

Anonymous said...