Sunday, April 15, 2007

Three Amigos

I'll be honest - the first six months of life with twins was not fun. I did not enjoy it most of the time, would not want to go back, and pretty much got through it in a sleep deprived haze. When I see pictures of Isabel and Adam as newborns, I have one moment of "awwwww, they were so tiny." But then I remember what it was like, and I think "thank goodness they are easier now."

It got easier when they started sleeping through the night, and recently it has gotten a little easier again. Isabel and Adam are both on the move! All three kids are turning into great friends now that they can start to play together. The babies entertain each other a lot of the time, and I have noticed if only one is awake, they are not nearly as content to crawl around and play as they are when the other one is around. They even gave each other a spontaneous kiss the other day - I wish I had a picture of that!

Anna coudn't wait until the babies could crawl and is so excited to play with her little brother and sister. She has realized however, that being able to play with them means having to share with them. I often hear, "No Adam, don't play with that, you aren't supposed to do that." Luckily she is very nice about it - so far. She loves to lay on the floor while the babies pat her on the head, tickle her, or even pull her hair. What a good sport!

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