Thursday, April 12, 2007

Take me to the Hukilau

As the babies get older I am starting to smell the sweet smell of freedom! I don't even need a vacation alone yet, one with the kids will be fine. A few weeks ago we went to California for a wedding. I'm glad we had an excuse to finally leave home with the kids, because we realized we can probably go places now.

We are trying to think of a place to go for a short trip after Ben graduates. I said somewhere a short plane ride away. Ben says Hawaii. We went to Hawaii in 2005 and left Anna with her grandparents in California. Ben thinks we should rent a little bungalo on the beach so we can sunbathe while the kids nap. Sounds wonderful, but the 6 hour plane ride - not so much.

So give us your ideas of where we can go and maybe this blog won't just be filled with pictures of all of us in our PJs...

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