Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Oh-So-Important Schedule

I am very focused on getting my kids on a good schedule, especially since Isabel and Adam were born. Kids who sleep are the key to my sanity. For the past few months we've had a great thing going. The babies sleep all night, and take two great naps at the same time every day.

Then, every day this week we had to leave the house during morning naptime for someone to look at the house. One day I put them down for a short time only to have to wake them up so we could leave. One day I just got in the car hoping they would nap there (ha, never). Anyway, just a few days off the schedule and it seems we are back to square one. We are home all day today, but so far the morning nap seems to be a goner.

I'm sure we'll get it back, but I live and die by that schedule. PLEASE let them remember how much they love napping!

P.S. I have been horrible about taking pictures lately. I'll try to take some this week. For now, here is Adam giving Anna a kiss. I think its cute even though you can't see their faces.

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Marlene said...

I would love some of those kisses! It is amazing how much a few quiet minutes can do for your sanity. I know they will be back on track in no time. Love Mom