Friday, June 1, 2007

June Bugs

June is birthday month at our house! Mine is June 11, Isabel and Adam will be 1 on June 29th, and Anna Rose will be 3 on June 30th. Poor Ben, his birthday is in August. I seriously think our kids are going to be mad one day when we have another kid (yes, someday we will have another :) and then they all get old enough to notice this other kid doesn't have to share a birthday with anyone. We joke about continuing the June tradition.

So I figured I would update even though I still haven't found my camera charger. We are putting the house on the market in the next week, so I need to go and do some cleaning. Here is a quick update on everyone for the grandparents:

- Anna is enjoying playing in the dirt these days. She goes out back and moves dirt from here to there and puts it down her slide, things like that. This doesn't sound very interesting, but for those who know Anna, it is a whole new development that she will actually get dirty. Until now she liked to be clean. I'm not so excited about this new phase.

- Isabel has mastered the art of going up the stairs. It took her about one second. Now anytime you are downstairs she goes straight towards them and when you go after her she giggles and tries to climb as fast as her little legs will go. We need a gate.

- Adam is into kissing. He loves kissing everyone, and once you get him started he can't stop. He'll sit there and kiss Anna like 10 times. Or if you are lying on the floor, he can't help but come over and slobber you with kisses. He is such a lovey boy.

- Ben is driving to Provo every day to study for the bar (an hour away). Next week he will start taking the bus so he can at least study during that time, and because gas would end up costing us a small fortune.

- My days are full taking care of the kids and working. We have a fairly new nanny who is working out pretty well, she comes 20 hours per week. The kids are comfortable with her so I can get a lot done. And it is kind of nice to be missed when I come around and she leaves!

Wooo hooo, I just found the camera charger. But it's almost midnight so for now I'll just post this picture of the girls to say, goodnight!

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