Friday, February 8, 2008

It Pays to Have More Kids

Tax refund? Yes please. We never overpay on taxes so the tax rebate they just passed is pretty exciting. Have you figured out how much you'll get?

We should get $2100, which makes me glad to have 3 kids. But, I'm pretty sure each kid has already cost us way more than $300, so I guess it's not really a bonus.

I'm thinking we might use the money to take a little trip. Ben has already been daydreaming about a trip since he takes the bar at the end of this month and a weekend off will surely be needed.

Have a good weekend! I'll try to take pictures of something interesting so I have a new post.


John Sebastian said...

I really need to do our taxes, I keep putting it off. Did you guys do it TurboTax style? or H&R Block or something?

Tiffani said...

yea i am excited about the tax rebate too. I think we are getting $1800.00 But instead of spending it we are just going to put it into savings. Actually we will probably use it in april for our trip to Hawaii. SO I guess we are spending it. lol.

Ellie said...

man i should get on the ball...

Jessica said...

I already pre-ordered my new Canon xsi on Amazon! The rest goes into the boring house savings account.

Hey wanna hang out at Shamel Park this Wednesday? Around 10:00?


Greg did his taxes and showed me how to do mine!! I'm a nerd. I didn't know that you have to file with the state too. So we'll have to do that too.

And extra money? We could use some. Random question that is probably stupid: Do parents that have a child in 2008, are they entitled to the extra money for that child too?

Allison said...

Hi everyone!

Just to clarify, its okay if you haven't done your taxes yet. You have to file taxes to get this refund, but just by the usual April 15th. And as I understand it, they will mail checks in May, June, and July no matter when you filed your taxes.

Anyway, good comments on what you will do with the money!

John - We have had ours done for the past few years by an accountant in Bountiful. Being self-employed we deduct a lot and it became really complicated to do ourselves.

Carilly - Good question, I think it is just the number of kids you have when you file your taxes, but who knows? I'm not planning to have any more in 2008 :)