Wednesday, February 13, 2008

100 Hugs and Kisses

Not only is tomorrow Valentine's Day - this is also our 100th blog post. So in honor of love and our first 100 posts, here are 10 of Ben and I's "firsts." The firsts that have to do with love, of course.

Oh, and leave us a comment to congratulate us on 100 posts. I know we have readers who never say hello!

  1. We first met when we were introduced by a mutual friend our freshman year of high school. From what I remember he pretty much said, "Allison, this is Ben. He is a really nice guy I met in class."
  2. Our first date was to the Old Spaghetti Factory. We both tried not to eat as much bread as we normally would seeing as it was a first date and all.
  3. Our first kiss was in the hills behind Ben's parents house (Sorry Mom and Dad). We checked out the view from some rocks and that is where the magic happened.
  4. We came up with our first song when Ben wrote the lyrics for me on a note and left it on my car. To this day, I get choked up if it comes on the radio at just the right time.
  5. We had our first break-up about 3 months later. Just keeping it real.
  6. We talked about our future for the first time the summer after high school. This is when we realized we could spend the rest of our lives together and came up with the infamous "seven year plan."
  7. We first got engaged in July of 2001. I came home from studying and there was a beautiful flower arrangement on the table and an invitation to be ready for dinner in a few hours. We went to the Treeroom in Sundance, then to Deer Creek. Ben proposed as we sat by the creek.
  8. We first got married (for time and all eternity - so also the last time) on February 16th, 2002. So our anniversary is in just a few days. I'll have to think of another lovey post for that one.
  9. We had our first baby in June of 2004. When I saw how little Anna looked in Ben's arms I knew he would always take care of her. Cheesy I know, but true.
  10. We found out we were having our first twins in January of 2006. I went to the Dr appointment alone figuring it would be uneventful. On my way home as I was hyper-ventilating, Ben called and said, "So how was it, is it twins?" Yes honey, yes it is. Then we found out their sexes on Valentine's Day. So that brings us back to...
Happy Valentine's Day!


Steph said...

Fun post! Is "more than words" your song?

Happy 100 posts! And Happy Valentine's Day!

Allison said...

Just to be sure, I checked our stats and 24 unique visitors have read this post so far. Hello, leave a comment!

I'll only forgive my Mom because she says I need to show her how.

Hi Stephanie! Yep, More Than Words is our song. Don't you love their hair in that video?

Sabby said...

Happy Valentine's Day! That is a great song and their hair is RAD!

Tiffani said...

Happy Valentine's Day! Congrats on your 100 posts. It is so exciting. :) And it is such a great post.

Ellie said...

So when I first started reading I thought you were going to post your a hundred "firsts". If you did I would have been really impressed! Just reading all that made me relive it all as you told it to me once before(ya know the high school drama..even your first date)! Good old days in Provo! When I saw the part about your first song, I was wondering what it was..and then I saw the video clip and instantly wondered how I could ever forget! I watched it and it brought tears to MY eyes! It makes me miss yall and all the fun we had back then! And I have to say I was someone offended that I wasn't mentioned in the engagement section, because I was an important part in that day! Just kidding...It made me realize how long we have been friends and how super duper excited I am to come and see yall! In less than 3 fact I'm going to go swim suit shopping rignt now..even if it is 19 degrees! But thanks for reliving all your memories so that I can too!

Peggy said...

Ha ha....I figured out how to comment! Happy 100th blog, I love reading them. Happy Anniversary to you and Benjamin!


Carrie said...

Happy 100th Blog!! And Happy Anniversary tomorrow. Hope you had a nice Valentine's. I can't believe you guys met 17 years ago. Time is flying by. I'm glad that I can say I knew you both when your whole relationship started :-)

Vicki said...

ok, i will leave a comment...

Congrats on all the "firsts". Happy 100 posts, I know how hard it is. And happy Anniversary tomorrow!!

Your family is very cute.

ps - I'm Tiffani's twin sister =o)


awh =) happy 100th blog, happy belated valentines day and happy anniversary <3<3<3

Alex said...

Hey happy 100th, and Happy aniversary, we were just talking to some friends at a ward dinner last night who got married the day before you. I haven't been around your blog much, so it was nice to catch up and learn a few new things about you and Ben.

KATIE said...

Congrats! You've got to tell me how to figure our how many unique visitors you have. That's awesome!

Steph said...

Hello again,
Just a comment about the unique visitors...when I put the Feedjit Live traffic feed on my blog it showed that many of the "unique" visitors were just happening on my blog through pictures I got off of google. So some of those 24 could be like my many visitors from other countries who end up on my page from Google Images. I have people coming from crazy countries! You can put Feedjit on you blog, it is kind of cool to see where all the people are from. Although I'm sure most don't actually read my blog. :) Most people come from that crazy iguana pic.

Allison said...

Steph - Ha, I can see why that iguana image would get a lot of hits! I use, and also Google stat counter. Those counters show you where the hits came from and how long they stayed on your site, so you can tell which ones are just one-offs. Probably similar to Feedjit.

I like to look at the search terms people use to find us. Some recent ones have been "turkey lurkey blogspot" "i want to meet gary allan" and "chuck-o-rama bread pudding recipe"

Katie, this should answer your question about how to count your visitors!

Melanie said...

Guilty as charged! I don't leave comments on the blogs I read very often, but I do look at your blog often. Congrats on 100 posts and the anniversary and all. Like Ellie, I also remember the engagement. It took me back to the good old days at Stadium Terrace. We did have a lot of fun!