Sunday, February 10, 2008

Yes Anna, It's Saturday

My brother Greg got us tickets to go to Castle Park for Christmas. We drive by frequently, and every time Anna says things like, "Can we go to Castle Park today?" "Those rides look so fun!" and "I hope one day we can go to Castle Park." Each time I tell her the rides are only open on Saturday. So then she started asking almost every day if it was Saturday. When it was Saturday I would have to come up with some reason why we still weren't going. So finally this Saturday, we went.

My Mom came with us and Adam and Isabel stayed home with Dad. It is a small amusement park, just the right size for Anna. She had lots of fun and it was a perfect 80 degree day. I took our camera, but it turns out it was out of batteries. So here is one picture from my phone. Better than nothing, right?

Thanks for the tickets Greg, and we still get to go again! Oh, and I just realized it was a Greg and Carilly Christmas present day. We went out to dinner that night to Chili's with our gift certificate! It was great. Thanks guys!


I found this one while I was going through the pictures on my phone. I love it when Arlo and Adam kiss on the lips.


Tiffani said...

lol. I really want to take the kids to castle park. But not for them. I want to see if my picture from 1986 is still hanging inside the carasel. :) That is my claim to fame.
I hate when I remember to actually take the camera and I get there and the card is full or the battery is dead. And my phone pictures do not come out this nice.

Ellie said...

does adam like to be kissed by arlo?

Allison said...

Yep, he loves it! If Arlo is in his dog house Adam will stick his head in there to get a kiss. I've tried to discourage kissing on the mouth (GROSS) but he doesn't listen.

Tiffani said...

I was reading this post and I totally thought of you guys. lol. I thought I remembered Ben posting one just like it a while ago. Thought you might get a good laugh.

Sabby said...

I am sure that Arlo loves to give kisses just as much as Adam loves to get them!

carilly said...

aww she loves the song too! next time, i'll play a clip on my phone. i love that song too!!