Saturday, July 7, 2007

Bambi and the 951

One of the things we like about our house in Bountiful is that we live in the city, but up against the mountains. Since we've lived here we've seen lots of deer, no matter what the season. They like to lay on our grass and eat our weeds. A few weeks ago we saw a fawn for the first time. There are two, and now we've seen them frequently crossing through our yard with their mother. They are adorable, and one came right up to the edge of our grass this morning so I took a picture. Hi Bambi!

People ask us all of the time why we would want to move back to California. Even my Mom, and I'm pretty sure she wants us to move back! Honestly, I think we would be perfectly happy either place or any other place. But here are a few of the things I miss in California.

  1. Family: Can't wait to go swimming at Sal and Marlene's house, take the kids to my Mom's house to play with the animals, be close enough to eat my Grandma Robertson's pies, close enough to drive to see my Dad, and all of the other family stuff that we always seem to miss out on.

  2. Summer nights in Riverside: There is an actual smell there that I love. Maybe its the orange blossoms, or just nostalgia, but I love driving around at night with the windows down.

  3. Cardinas: Our favorite authentic, cheap, Mexican food. Maybe its an acquired taste for that HOT salsa, but we love it.

  4. Sunshine at Christmas: Having a white Christmas has been fun and beautiful. But for me, Christmas is supposed to be 75 degrees and I miss that.

  5. Sitting on the 91 on the way home from Newport: Yep, I miss that. I'm sure I'll be cured after one traffic jam, but I miss it. Its only okay when you've had a fun day at the beach, not when you've had a long day of work and want to get home.

  6. Taking a dip on a 100 degree day: We'll see if it happens, but Ben has one requirement for our next house - a pool.

  7. Shopping at Ontario Mills: I just need to go shopping. Plenty of shopping here, but not really anyone to do it with who likes it as much as my Mom.

Of course there are things I don't miss, but for me the good outweighs the bad. I don't know when we'll move there, but we are going in a few weeks when Ben takes the bar. He'll be consumed with that but maybe I'll be able to do a few things on this list.


Jessica said...

Things you should not miss about CA:
1. Having your car broken into while shopping at the Ontario Mills.
3.Smog Alerts
4.94 degrees in November.
5.Overcrowded schools.
6.Having child molesters on every other block (seriously check Megan's Law before you buy a house)
7.Buying a 900 square foot house for $350,000

I totally understand missing Disneyland, the beach and most of all family, but the rest just kinda sucks. Can't you just vacation here a little more?

Allison said...

Ha, thanks for bringing me back to reality Jessica! Unfortunately as I look out the window, I see a layer of smog over the city below and can't see the Great Salt Lake in the distance. So there is smog here too. But I forgot about smog alerts, I remember hating those way back in our Magnolia Elementary school days!

Actually, I do wish I could just visit more, but its hard to find a place to stay with 5 of us. When we just had Anna we used to come out every other month and I didn't miss it so much.

Jessica said...

Okay, move back then, but get a little condo in Park City. I love that place! = )