Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Our wedding anniversary is in February...but whenever October rolls around I think of some other anniversaries in our life.

October 1996 - Ben and I dated for the first time. Between homecoming and Halloween, I guess love was in the air. Ha. We were a whopping 16 years old. I can't believe that was 11 years ago now. A few weeks ago when we were in California we got nostalgic and went to Poly's homecoming football game.

October 1998 - I joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. A big step in my life at a young age, and I attribute so much of my happiness today to that decision.

October 2003 - Anna became a glimmer in our eye. (Okay, that means she was conceived.)

October 2005 - Our Hawaiian vacation. Its pretty sad that I would consider this an anniversary, but I still think about that trip and can't wait to go back. Plus, on this trip we had planned to start another glimmer in our eye. But apparantly, it was meant to be that the October baby hold out until November, to join a second baby.

October 2007 - Our next glimmer...ha, just kidding. Nothing notable this October. Just great memories.


And since its not a good blog post without some pictures, here are the last three Halloweens! In a few weeks you'll get to see this year's cuties.

**This is still my favorite picture of all three of them


Ben said...

I almost flagged this blog as inappropriate.

Tiffani said...

wow. October is a very big month for you guys. :) I love the last picture of all the kids. Very cute!

Jessica said...

I am so stealing the bug theme for next year, what cute little insects you have!

Steph said...

John and I had our first date in October too! And I think that is when we got engaged...is that right? (Not the same month we started dating mind you. :)
I also remember your baptism, did you remember I was there?
I like how you said "glimmer in your eye" excellent code words.
What are the kids all going to be for Halloween?

Allison said...

Steph - Now I remember you were there, thanks for supporting me! Didn't you get engaged the same weekend?

For Halloween, Anna is going to be a chicken, Adam a cow, and Isabel a lamb. I have to admit, Isabel as a lamb is my favorite. And Ben is going to be a farmer. Just kidding, he wouldn't do it, but I tried to talk him into it.