Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Worst Job Ever

Since I'm getting personal, as Ben pointed out regarding my last post, here is another personal story for you.

A few years ago I had a crappy job. Only one person who reads my blog truly knows what I mean, and that's Sara. She worked there too.

Almost from the first day I started I knew I made a mistake. I toughed it out as long as I could. Then, I got pregnant, and the further along I got, the more I hated it. I had to work trade shows and be on my feet all day. I had no paid time off, no sick time, no nothing. So doctor's appointments were scheduled on my lunch hour. And then the job got even worse due to a new manager who required us to work ridiculous amounts of extra hours and had no idea what she was doing.

So I told a journalist the story and she put it in this article. Of course this is just her interpretation of a snippet I told her. But basically the CEO of the company came into my office and said they didn't have a place for me after I had my baby. After that I tried to stick it out and really hoped they would fire me. I ended up quitting a month before I had Anna. The look on my boss' face was worth every moment I spent there.

Notice tip #5 in the article is not to quit. Whoops.


Ben said...

That job really sucked. I called a lawyer about suing but I lost interest when he demanded a hefty retainer. Sara, where you at?

Sara said...

Heh... Sorry guys, I've been busy trying to get our house closed (no such luck so far, so here I am).

Allison, when you came in to interview at the place that shall remain nameless I should have told you to run the other way!

At the time, I still had hope that somehow enough of us with common sense could change the way things were done there. Boy, was I wrong.

It was a horrible, offensive, degrading place. I actually still have dreams about working there. When I left I promised myself I would never let anyone treat me like that again.

Sadly, I'm not surprised by the way they handled your pregnancy or decision not to go after the promotion. Looking back, there were some questionable comments made to me about whether or not I planned to have children and whether or not I would pursue another job opening as well.

The best story I have is that a week after I finally quit (proud of myself for lasting as long as I did), Haval said to me "Wow, honey, you're a lot nicer to be around now that you're not working there. If I had known you'd be this much better off I would have encouraged you to quit a long time ago."