Thursday, April 10, 2008

How Could You Let Me Fall In?

John, Stephanie, Zach and Maya came to visit over the weekend. Check out the cute picture of Maya playing in the sand on John's blog. Isabel was obsessed with Maya. She must have said her name 500 times over the weekend!

On Tuesday we all went to Laguna. I think our kids are a little beached out lately, but they had fun. Isabel wanted to go in the ocean, and I held her hand. We put our feet in a bunch of times, but then for some reason I let go of her hand for a minute. A little wave came and knocked her over. She wasn't too happy about it! Here she is after the fact, giving her "not happy" look.

John took some great pictures, so I figured I would use them to get lots of blog posts up. So there will be more to come...

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Ellie said...

I love it! She is so great at killer looks!