Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I am a WAHM. Yep, there is a term for Moms who work at home. There are even websites devoted to us. For the record, the lady in the picture above can't be getting much work done. I don't try to send emails while Anna eats and I hold a baby. So my life looks nothing like that.

Tonight, as I sat down to work, I thought about how I've neglected my blog. So rather than letting another week go by I thought I would explain why. It's because I've had enough work lately that I usually try to get some done after the kids go to bed. So I'm thinking tonight I'll blog about my clients and kill two birds with one stone - update my blog and bill a few hours for writing it.

Just kidding about the billing part. So, for those who wonder if I sell something or transcribe medical documents, here is what I do as a WAHM.

"Public relations (PR) is the managing of outside communication of an organization to create and maintain a positive image." - Wikipedia

For me, this includes creating PR campaigns, writing press releases, pitching magazines and newspapers, writing articles, and other marketing activities. Currently, I work for a PR firm, a Web site devoted to Mamas, and a PR and marketing consulting group. I also do occasional small projects for a Web site start-up, an author and a few technical writing companies.

Although there are differing (and strong) opinions about working or being a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom), for me, working at home is the best of both worlds. It works for us, and that is what is important!

Now, I should get a little bit of work done. Perhaps I would already be done if I hadn't watched American Idol. The fact that I watch American Idol is probably the most embarrassing and revealing thing I have ever posted on this blog, but I'm at peace with it. Yrungaray, out.


Allison said...

ITA with you about the picture. If that was my gang, the juice would be all over the laptop & dripping down the side of that pristine white counter, I'd be digging Cheerios out of dd's nose while baby was eating my hair. lol

Looks like a nice life, but surely not mine. lol

Steph said...

Why is AI embarrassing? :)
I love it!
Who are you rooting for this season? I like lots of people.

Allison said...

You're right Steph, I should be a proud AI watcher.

I'm with you, I like watching almost all of them and don't have a true favorite yet. I like Brooke White and Carly. And the guy with the dreads is pretty entertaining too. I pretty much like all of them. But I wouldn't be to sad if Syesha or the country girl went home.

KATIE said...

Hey lady, thanks for your post on Kel's blog. I think you do a good job of being honest and realistic in your posts!

I have a new blogaddress - www.aaronkatie.blogspot.com.