Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sunny Los Angeles

We need a new post because I'm not as depressed as the last post makes me sound. I know I know, its not cold here. Its in the 50s and 60s. And believe me, I love it. Seriously, I remember almost daily how glad I am we live here. But it is still raining outside and you can't play outside when it's raining.

We've been filling our time with trips to Target, Costco, the Mall, my Mom's, and indoor games. Speaking of the mall, I had an interesting trip the other day. I was just going to Target, but Anna said she wanted to go to the mall. I didn't need anything in particular, so I said sure. We pulled into the parking structure and a few things happened.

1. Isabel threw up on herself
2. The stroller was not in the van

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this a thousand and one times yet, but I have three kids under three feet tall, and it is hard to wrangle them without a stroller. And one of them had a yucky shirt. But, I didn't want to go home. So we all held hands and walked the very long walk to the other side of the mall where they rent strollers. Then we proceeded to buy Isabel a new shirt. Amazingly, it ended up being an okay trip. Mostly because I found Isabel a shirt for $2.50, and then we all ate a cookie from Mrs. Fields. Sweets will always get you through the mall with kids.


Tomorrow, Ben will be watching this, in person:

I'm jealous.


Last random thought, and I wish I had a picture of this, Adam has become the best hugger lately. He puts his little arms around you and squeezes so tight. I'll try to take a picture soon, especially since he'll probably change his hugging style soon. Until then, you can wish you were me. (Or Ben, Grandpa, Grammy, Grandma Horsie, Anna, or Isabel. They all enjoy the hugs too.)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I don't like January

Sorry we haven't posted much - we just don't have much to say. I don't think I like January. Christmas is over, its cold outside, and there is nothing going on. The kids have all been sick on and off, and I just want to skip ahead to Spring.

According to this article January 24th is the most depressing day of the year. Although there is nothing bad going on, there is nothing great either. So I think I would agree with that.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Y Family Blog Love

Ben's older brother John just started his own blog, not to be confused with his wife Stephanie's blog. Their cutie patootie is super excited her Daddy has a blog.

And Matt and Alex started a blog when they came to visit us. (What, you didn't come here to visit us? You wanted to visit Mom and Dad but there was a pesky family of five taking up the whole house? Oh, sorry.)

And just so I don't leave any Yrungarays out, hey K-dog and Sabrina!

Our list of blog links is getting long. Maybe its time to set up an RSS feed so I don't click on all of those every day to look for updates.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Potty talk and Politics

There are two things that could turn our blog readers away - potty talk and politics. So, I usually shy away from both. But today, I have to get these two things off my chest.

1. Isabel has gone #2 on the potty the last two days.

2. GO MITT!!

Please don't leave.


I was looking for a picture and came across this one of Anna two years ago. So she was the exact same age Adam and Isabel are now. So dang cute. Where did that baby go? I think she kind of looks like Adam and Isabel combined.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sea World, See World

In case you couldn't tell, none of my new year's resolutions involved more blog posting. I realized we went to Sea World recently and had pictures from that to post. So, you are the lucky recipient of these. We drove down there because we had season passes that we received when we went there earlier in the year. They were free with a regular park pass. The kids had a fun time, the drive didn't kill us, and we got to see a few of the things that we didn't see last time.

Unfortunately for Anna, they closed down the kids play area for a renovation and she was a bit disappointed. She only asked about it every five minutes and we had to assure her it was closed. The twins seem to recognize and interact with the fish and mammals a lot more and Anna liked touching the star fish and trying to touch the bat rays. That is all.

Doesn't Anna's hair in this picture look like it belongs in an 80's rock band.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

The decorations are long gone...

And here is the long-awaited Christmas post. A Snickers bar for anyone who makes it to the end. Oh, and print the picture above in about a 12 by 12, ready to blackmail Adam and Isabel with when they are 16.


First, my Dad and Stepmom came into town. It was about a week before Christmas so the kids were excited to open the first presents of the season. We also had lunch and a great visit! Thanks Dad and Sandy. (Just in case you got a computer. And Internet access.)

Next, the kids in their Christmas clothes. By the way, I searched and searched through these pictures, and the kids were not photogenic all at once that day. So we didn't get any of everyone together.

This is Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with Mom and Dad Y at our current home/their house. We had a lovely ribeye dinner on Christmas Eve, read the Christmas story, and enjoyed a leisurely Christmas morning.

And last but not least, Christmas night at my Mom's. We had turkey, ham, and presents with my Mom (Grandma Horsie), John (Grandpa Cowboy John), Uncle Greg and Carilly.

Now, we can finally move into the new year!!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Boys - 5 Girls - 3

Those are the sexes of our precious octuplets. Ha. Just kidding. Funny. Twins are funny enough. More than two is just not funny.

Actually, that's the tally for the Yrungaray grandchildren.

Congrats to Kevin and Sabrina (Ben's sister), who will be welcoming their first baby in May!

They found out the sex today, so check it out!