Monday, August 24, 2009


Anna was so excited to start kindergarten today. Adam and Isabel were a little sad - they don't start preschool for 3 weeks. Note to self: let the preschool know just how hard it is for the little ones to wait that long for their turn.

Yesterday we celebrated the new school year with a special dinner and dessert, followed by a quick fashion show so Anna (and of course Isabel and Adam) could show off their new school clothes. Grammie and Grandpa Butch joined us and Grammie made Anna some adorable new bows for school. After the twins went to bed, Ben gave Anna a father's blessing for a great school year.

This morning it was hard to get out of the house, and the school was a crazy zoo of cars and kids. We need to get there earlier to avoid the extreme traffic. But we are excited for this new phase!

And, my shining Mom moment came when I went to a short PTA welcome meeting and discovered that kindergartners eat lunch at school. Good thing I stayed for that, I had to go home and make a lunch! Poor Anna would have been the only one without anything to eat.

Yay for kindergarten!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009