Sunday, November 30, 2008

So happy together

A very large living room with plenty of space...

And they all sat right next to each other. So cute.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Middle Child

Do you know who the middle child is in our family? You might think there isn't a true middle child since we have twins. But Isabel was born first, and is technically the middle child. She is proof that birth order means something, even if it is only by 2 minutes.

Isabel is the one who will never let you out of her sight. She is not just a Mama's girl - she's a Daddy's girl, a Grandma's girl, a Grandpa's girl, and an "anyone who will pay attention to her" girl. My favorite thing about Isabel is that she loves everyone she meets. The first time she meets you, she'll give you a kiss goodbye. On the lips. And she won't let you try to give her your cheek.

I love how different Isabel is from her sister. I love Isabel's tan skin. I love her little petite frame. I love it when she whispers secrets in my ear. I love her obsession with chapstick. I love how she can translate for Adam when I can't understand him. I love it when she "mothers" both her little brother and her older sister. I love/hate that she never stops talking. It can drive you crazy, but at the same time it just makes her Isabel. And I love to joke about how crazy she'll drive us with all of that talking when she's 13, 14, 15, 16. Basically forever.

Of all the kids, Isabel is the most delicate. If she gets hurt, she'll cry on the shoulder of the first one to comfort her for a minute, and then she'll ask for someone else. Just one comforter is not enough. She is not coordinated, and is the worst driver I've ever seen. We have one of those battery-powered cars that goes 1.5 miles/hour, and she doesn't steer. She just pushes on the gas, but goes in circles or runs into things because she never moves the steering wheel. Shouldn't a 2.5 year old have figured that out by now? I have a feeling she may have inherited my driving skills.

I have to give Isabel props for being a super speedy potty trainer. She basically forced us to potty train her at the beginning of the summer, and she did it in just a few days. She wants to be like Anna, and this was just the beginning I'm sure!

I love Isabel's relationship with both Anna and Adam. In the past few months, she and Anna have reached the stage of really playing together. Now that Isabel can talk, she'll say, "Wanna play dollies Anna?" I love that she'll tease Anna when asked to play by saying no. After Anna begs and pleads, she laughs and says yes eventually - all so she can have a little bit of the power. She and Adam have a special bond, and I love to listen to them chatting in their room. I love how she looks for Adam when she wakes up, and gives him a hug if he's sad.

Most of all, I love how much Isabel loves me. I can just feel it in her squeezes - and because she is literally always by my side!

I'm Yours

This song has been out for a while now but I'm finally getting around to posting it. I love this song - when I listen to it I can actually visualize sitting on the beach with my sweet husband. Just wanted to share it in case you have missed it!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Remember Halloween?

I thought about doing the all about Isabel post next - but she's been a complete stinker. If I did one right now, it would say, "I love how Isabel screams every night when we put her to bed. I love it when she throws a fit because she can't have a piece of candy." You get the idea.


On Halloween, we got the kids ready and I took some photos...but the camera was on the wrong setting and they didn't come out. I was going to put their costumes back on one day, but I haven't yet. So I'll just post what we have so far.

First, Anna had her first preschool parade! She walked with her class and they sang some cute Halloween songs.

Here is the posed picture on Halloween that didn't come out right, but you can still see how cute they are.

We went to our church trunk-or-treat, and they had lots of fun. Actually, Isabel had an ear infection and was running a very high fever when we left. I basically forced her to put on her costume, she just wanted to lay down and go to sleep. But the fever broke soon after we got to the trunk-or-treat, and she had fun after that.

When we got home and realized the camera dadn't worked right, we tried to take a few more. But the kids weren't looking quite as cute - and they were so hyped up on sugar it was impossible to get them to pose together.

Here we have the happy twins after they woke up way too early the next morning and had a sugar hangover.

Happy Halloween, two weeks late! We still have Halloween candy, I need to get rid of it. I'm ready to move on from the kids asking for a piece five times a day. Maybe right now I'll check to see if there is any chocolate left...

Monday, November 3, 2008

My Buddy

I don't write enough about the kids individually, so how about a post all about Adam? We'll get to the girls next.

Adam is the one I have a hard time resisting. No matter how bad he is, his little face just melts my heart. And, even when he's being bad, its so hard not to laugh. He likes to steal things from the girls and run away as fast as he can - and he's faster than them. He's also stronger for the most part. But when he apologizes it is so heart felt - he says a great "I'm sorry" followed by a kiss and a hug.

I love his blue eyes and his pale skin. I love his obsession with trains. I love that he could be entertained for half an hour by driving a matchbox car on my arms and legs. I love his mad scooter-riding skills. He is also great at puzzles. Oh, and I love/hate how good he is at ignoring me. It's funny, but frustrating. He'll just keep playing and totally ignore it when you ask him to do something.

Of all the kids, Adam is the hardest to understand. His words all run together - but I can understand what he's saying. My favorites lately are, "Mmmm, delicious!" and "You play with me, Mommy?" He has also turned into a great singer, and knows the words lots of songs including Twinkle, Twinkle, I Am a Child of God, and he is pretty good at his ABCs. He can count to at least 10, sometimes more, but he usually forgets the number 2. And if you ask him how old he is, he says either 3 or 4. He must hate the number 2.

Here is his precious face at less than 6 months old.

And again now.

I love watching Adam and Ben together. If you've seen them in person you know how much they are alike - both in their mannerisms and their looks (except for the pale skin and light hair).

And to think, I thought I wanted all girls.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Anna Ballerina

I need to do a Halloween post, but we'll start with this one. Anna is taking her first dance class - a basic class called Creative Movement. She loves it so far - they practice turns, chasse, first position, and other basic steps. Here she is right before her first class a few weeks ago.

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