Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Remember Halloween?

I thought about doing the all about Isabel post next - but she's been a complete stinker. If I did one right now, it would say, "I love how Isabel screams every night when we put her to bed. I love it when she throws a fit because she can't have a piece of candy." You get the idea.


On Halloween, we got the kids ready and I took some photos...but the camera was on the wrong setting and they didn't come out. I was going to put their costumes back on one day, but I haven't yet. So I'll just post what we have so far.

First, Anna had her first preschool parade! She walked with her class and they sang some cute Halloween songs.

Here is the posed picture on Halloween that didn't come out right, but you can still see how cute they are.

We went to our church trunk-or-treat, and they had lots of fun. Actually, Isabel had an ear infection and was running a very high fever when we left. I basically forced her to put on her costume, she just wanted to lay down and go to sleep. But the fever broke soon after we got to the trunk-or-treat, and she had fun after that.

When we got home and realized the camera dadn't worked right, we tried to take a few more. But the kids weren't looking quite as cute - and they were so hyped up on sugar it was impossible to get them to pose together.

Here we have the happy twins after they woke up way too early the next morning and had a sugar hangover.

Happy Halloween, two weeks late! We still have Halloween candy, I need to get rid of it. I'm ready to move on from the kids asking for a piece five times a day. Maybe right now I'll check to see if there is any chocolate left...


Ben said...

That is the first time I have seen that last picture. The look on Adam's face says it all.

Tiffani said...

ha ha! I love the morning after picture. I think everyone's kids looked that way the next day. Too cute. I am glad we got such crappy candy this year. Because not even the kids want to eat it. I think we are just going to throw it away.

Sabby said...

The pics are cute, I love the ones where they are cheering, I can just hear them, B-Y-U!

Carilly said...

Aw and to think, I thought I would want to give them a goody bag with the leftover candy WE HAVE =)

Good thing Greg said no. He's the responsible one!

Ellie said...

SO funny! I agree with Ben!

Shawna said...

Oh your kids are so cute! I can't believe how grown up Anna looks! Oh- and we're not finding out- waiting for the surprise (and avoiding the contention of name-choosing). :)

The Barb Chronicles said...

Hey... For David's grandma everyone in the family sent a picture and a message and we had them bound in a book. So... not to exciting, but really what else do you get someone who is that old! Bless her heart. How are you guys?