Thursday, April 19, 2012


I am still alive! I'm sure I have zero blog readers left. I'm going to post to get the ball rolling and hope I can get back into blogging a bit more again. I'm not promising to do it weekly or anything, but a few posts here or there would be nice to keep a record of what our family is doing.

We had a nice Fall/Winter, and now we are having a VERY busy Spring. Anna is on a competition team at dance, which means we have dance two days per week and competitions one weekend per month. Isabel and Adam are playing soccer, Isabel dances as well, and Adam is playing t-ball.

I am the Primary President at church (in charge of the children's program) and very involved in PTA and will be the PTA President next year. Add Soccer Team Mom and Room Mom to that list and I think I need to stop volunteering for things. No, I KNOW I need to stop volunteering for things. The problem is, I like being busy and I like all of the activities since they involve my kids. But I also like spending time with my husband so I need to learn to say no.

Ben's law firm is going very well and he is in the process of moving into a larger office space, which is exciting. He works long hours and some times on weekends, but he manages to fit in family time too. I've been thinking a lot about planning a summer vacation lately, so we'll see if we can get Ben to take a break long enough to get out of town.