Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Five little turtles

Isn't this the cutest picture? I'm not really a big "cutsie animal picture" type of person, but those little turtles are so darn cute.

The real reason I posted that picture is because I can't find our camera charger. I have a few pictures that I could blog about, but the charger must be located first. Plus, we had a fantastic campfire and Memorial Day picnic (ala Kentucky Fried Chicken) in the canyon on Monday, and I couldn't take any pictures because of my dead camera.

So, my point is, I'll be back as soon as I find it!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I've been reflecting on the past a lot since we seem to be at a crossroad in life, so I guess I'll share my thoughts.

The other night I was thinking about Ben being done with school and looking at pictures to see what our little family has been doing for the past three years. I remember thinking we were crazy to start law school with a new baby, but we ended up with three by the end! We bought our first house. We took a few vacations and went to California lots of times. We both became self-employed to pay the bills.

We have been so happy and I'm glad we moved on with life instead of staying still when Ben was in school. So here are some of the firsts we experienced over the past few years.

First family Christmas picture in Utah

Our first house

Anna's first steps

First family vacation

First vacation alone

Okay...then not a lot happened except lots of trips to California, Anna getting bigger and cuter, and life moving along. Until...

First time we were pregnant with twins. Okay, obviously from this picture I was the one pregnant with twins.

First time (oh, and the second time!) Ben missed the birth of one of his kids.

First family picture with all five of us.

And I guess that brings us to today. I know there are lots more, but I'm all out of energy looking for pictures. When Ben was filling out an application to practice law in California recently, we had to gather all of his addresses for the past 8 years. There were like 10. We sure have been gypsies, and I'm ready to settle down. Now just the simple task of finding a job and figuring out exactly where that will be...

Here's to another productive three years when I go to graduate school.

Ha ha, not yet.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Isabel and Adam are becoming quite the little copycats. They can clap, put their arms up for a touchdown, make the kissing noise, sometimes wave, and lots of other fun things. But most of all they love to do what Anna is doing.

Adam saw Anna wearing these fun glasses, and spent 10 minutes trying to get them on himself, so eventually I helped him.

Isabel likes to wear Anna's dress up clothes, and knew exactly what to do with this boa. She put it on herself and crawled around with it on her neck for a while, putting it right back on if it fell off.

I'll try to post some graduation pictures soon. It was a good day and Ben was the last member of his class to walk across that stage (alphabetical order of course)!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Better late than never

In case anyone was wondering, you can still get a cap and gown the day before graduation. Even though the original purchase days were long ago, and the make-up days were weeks ago, they are still available.

Ben is at the U bookstore right now.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Great big happy family

I don't know why I'm posting right now considering the day I've had, but I'm trying to hold the babies off from eating dinner so the kids are all watching Sesame Street.

I just wanted to post this picture of the Yrungaray family - it has everyone in it! I stole this from Ben's sister Sabrina's blog. It was a beautiful wedding and we love Kevin - he is at our house working almost every day right now. Shout out to Kevin, sorry if Ben is pushing hard, he wants to get it done!

I was sick yesterday, to the point where I felt like I could barely keep my eyes open, this morning Adam cried for like 3 hours straight because he didn't feel good, and this evening Anna got sick (I think that was just something she ate - I hope). Anyway, I hope we are all on the mend, especially since Ben is graduating on Friday and my Mom is coming into town. Ben's parents are here too so hopefully we'll have a fun filled family weekend with some good pictures to post!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

To Do List

Allison is sick. I guess that means I need to write a blog entry. Since I spend all my time working on the house these days, I spend my nights dreaming of fun things to do. Within the last year, Allison and I made a list of things we want to do in Utah before we move out of state. Here is the unofficial list.

1. Attend a live session of General Conference
2. Go snowboarding/skiing (this is more for Allison since I have been multiple times and she has never been in Utah)
3. Go Snowmobiling
4. Go to Zions/Arches/or any national park in the state

Delicate Arch

5. See a movie at the Sundance Film Festival
6. Eat at the Tree Room at Sundance (where I proposed to Allison)
7. Go to Antelope Island at the Great Salt Lake Whiterock Bay, Antelope Island

8. Go on a hike (any hike)
9. Take Anna to Hogle Zoo

10. Take a ride on the Heber Creeper

Thus far, we have completed a whopping 2 of the 10 items above. We attended a movie at Sundance and we took Anna to the Hogle Zoo. I don't know whether it is good or alarming that most of the remaining activities (sans a trip to the Tree Room) are outdoorsy. Since our time has run on some of the activities (General conference/skiing), and it is clear we will not finish the others, we are looking for suggestions of what to attempt. Should we take a trip South and go to a National Park, go to Antelope Island, or take a nice hike in Mueller Park? Any suggestions?

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Check, please.

According to this article, the average Mom today would make a salary of $138,095. I see a story like this every year or so, and always laugh to myself.

So I read on, and the article says, "The typical mother puts in a 92-hour work week, and works at least 10 jobs. In order of hours spent on them per week, these are: housekeeper, day-care center teacher, cook, computer operator, laundry machine operator, janitor, facilities manager, van driver, chief executive officer and psychologist."

I'm thinking, of those 10 jobs, I only do about half of them well (chief executive officer is my specialty). 2 or 3 I currently don't do much at all (housekeeper, cook, janitor) and a few others I do, but don't do very well (van driver - I do have a van, but I don't drive it very well).

Since it would be hard for Ben and the kids to keep paying me that kind of a salary, I'm willing to accept this diamond brooch for Mother's Day. I figure $6.2 million should cover the next 25 years or so of raising kids.