Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Isabel and Adam are becoming quite the little copycats. They can clap, put their arms up for a touchdown, make the kissing noise, sometimes wave, and lots of other fun things. But most of all they love to do what Anna is doing.

Adam saw Anna wearing these fun glasses, and spent 10 minutes trying to get them on himself, so eventually I helped him.

Isabel likes to wear Anna's dress up clothes, and knew exactly what to do with this boa. She put it on herself and crawled around with it on her neck for a while, putting it right back on if it fell off.

I'll try to post some graduation pictures soon. It was a good day and Ben was the last member of his class to walk across that stage (alphabetical order of course)!

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Jessica said...

You are so lucky, they are beautiful!