Tuesday, May 8, 2007

To Do List

Allison is sick. I guess that means I need to write a blog entry. Since I spend all my time working on the house these days, I spend my nights dreaming of fun things to do. Within the last year, Allison and I made a list of things we want to do in Utah before we move out of state. Here is the unofficial list.

1. Attend a live session of General Conference
2. Go snowboarding/skiing (this is more for Allison since I have been multiple times and she has never been in Utah)
3. Go Snowmobiling
4. Go to Zions/Arches/or any national park in the state

Delicate Arch

5. See a movie at the Sundance Film Festival
6. Eat at the Tree Room at Sundance (where I proposed to Allison)
7. Go to Antelope Island at the Great Salt Lake Whiterock Bay, Antelope Island

8. Go on a hike (any hike)
9. Take Anna to Hogle Zoo

10. Take a ride on the Heber Creeper

Thus far, we have completed a whopping 2 of the 10 items above. We attended a movie at Sundance and we took Anna to the Hogle Zoo. I don't know whether it is good or alarming that most of the remaining activities (sans a trip to the Tree Room) are outdoorsy. Since our time has run on some of the activities (General conference/skiing), and it is clear we will not finish the others, we are looking for suggestions of what to attempt. Should we take a trip South and go to a National Park, go to Antelope Island, or take a nice hike in Mueller Park? Any suggestions?

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Anonymous said...

You have been to the Grand Canyon but you need to go to Arches and Zions too. If you have to choose one, I would pick Zions because you can ride the bus/tram thing around the park and there is more shade. Arches is very hot and most of the hikes are longer ones.