Thursday, November 1, 2007

Candy and Costumes

Kids make some things a million times more fun. I haven't enjoyed Halloween as much as we did this year in a long time. It wasn't that we did anything out of the ordinary, but the kids were just so cute, so good, and so excited.

Anna asked every day for weeks if today was the day to wear her costume and go trick-or-treating. When the day finally came, it was pretty hard for her to wait all the way until the evening. So eventually we put the costumes on, took the obligatory pictures, and then headed out. In case it's hard to tell from the pictures, Anna was a chicken, Adam was a cow, and Isabel was a lamb.

First we did a little trick-or-treating on Main Street in Bountiful. Then we went to a local Care Center. I thought there would be a few patients at the care center waiting to give candy, but there were TONS. It was nice, they all seemed excited to see the kids in their costumes. Adam and Isabel quickly figured out how to take the candy and put it in their own bucket. By the time we left we had three pretty full buckets. Last we went to about 10 houses in our neighborhood so a few people could see the kids.

When we said our bedtime prayers I said, "thank you for letting us have a nice time trick-or-treating." Anna repeated, "thank you for letting us get LOTS of candy trick-or-treating." Luckily the kid understands moderation - I think she had two pieces of candy today.


Tiffani said...

Wow! The kids look super adorable! I love how you guys had a theme going. lol. Sounds like a great time.

Kevin said...

They look really cute! Ben what were you for halloween?

Sabby said...

They are just too cute! It sounds like you all had fun. Ben and Allison you should have been farmers, you know Ben in overalls with a pitchfork, he he he.

Carrie said...

You're kids are so adorable. I love the costumes. It sounds like you and Ben are having a blast with them.

Michelle said...

you have the cutest kids!!! They are so adorable.