Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Farewell Tour

Our Utah Farewell Tour has been keeping us busy lately. Its true - we've been talking about it for months, but we are finally leaving Utah on Tuesday.

Actually, I think we've been talking about it since we got here. Now that I think about it, that must be really annoying to other people. When Ben started law school we always said, "But we plan to move back to California afterwards." I guess at least we had a plan and stuck to it, sort of.

Since we are leaving, of course we have to see our favorite people and eat at our favorite restaurants. We don't want to leave food in the fridge, so we've pretty much stopped shopping which means some eating out. The plan is to go to a fancy place at the Gateway called Fleming's tomorrow night. We'll either be celebrating something with a fantastic meal, or drowning our sorrows with a fantastic meal. More on that to come.


Tiffani said...

Well, Congradulations on coming back to California. Have you guys already bought a house out here? I hope your dinner was a celebration with a good meal! :)

Sabby said...

You are killing me Smalls! I hope you are having a great day!

Dawna Kinikini said...

Your doing it! Did you sell the house? The Kinikini's will miss you. Keep in touch.

Allison said...

Tiffani - Thanks! We haven't bought a house there. We have to stay with Ben's parents until he finds a job, then we'll look for a house!

Sabby - I know, its killing me too!!

Dawna - We'll miss you guys too. We didn't sell the house, we are renting it. I am going to try to stop by your party on Saturday to say bye!

Carrie said...

Looking forward to your return to California. Can't wait to see you. Hope you guys had a nice dinner. Have a safe journey out this way.