Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Read the label you BUMBO

I recently read that the Bumbo was recalled because young children can fall out of them.

I bought a Bumbo when Isabel and Adam were infants. I thought it was one of the greatest inventions ever - it allows small babies to sit up before they can sit unassisted. The label on the Bumbo package clearly states that you shouldn't set it up on a countertop or table.

So the reason I find this recall interesting, and a little funny, is because I am one of the idiots who ignores warning labels. I found this picture of the kids - Adam is in the infamous Bumbo (on a raised window seat), and Isabel is in a bouncy chair. Funny, the bouncy chairs haven't been recalled, but Isabel once fell out of that. Oh yeah, that's because I set it on a chair like a horrible mother and she toppled over while still in the seat.

Then I found an even better picture. Isabel in the Bumbo on the kitchen counter. Even better, the other two kids are sitting next to her on the counter, unsecured. I assure you it was just to snap a picture and I was ready to catch all of them at once at any moment.

Lessons learned: Still use the Bumbo with the next baby, although not on top of things. Do not, under any circumstances, put a bouncy chair in an unstable, high location. And if you put all of the kids on the counter for a picture, have another adult nearby for safety reasons.


Tiffani said...

oh my gosh, that happened to me too. The bouncer on a chair. Luckly for me Dan was right there and caught Avalon before she fell all the way to the floor. Off of a dinninr room chair. I had bought a Bumbo for Dennis Moore when he had his baby. Then the recall went out and I was like man! I got them a recalled gift. geeze. Then I read why it was recalled and started laughing. Glad no one was hurt. If we all listed the dumb things we did as parents I am sure the list would be 10 miles long.

KATIE said...

Allison - it's Katie Porter Olson! I heard about this recall but am definitely keeping mine for our little one on the way, but I will just be careful :) Hope you are well!

Sara said...

Heh. I didn't hear about the recall but I love our Bumbo. I only used it on the ground and gave up when Ari started arching her back enough to almost get out of it on her own. We'll keep ours to use with the next one, just carefully... :)