Friday, March 14, 2008

Just when you thought it was about to get easier...

When Adam and Isabel were just a few months old and I took them to church for the first time, I spoke with another Mom of twins. As I nursed one, then traded Ben and nursed the other, she said she could sympathize. Her twin girls were then 5 years old. I asked her when it got easier - she said, "When they are 5."

At the time I thought - no way. She doesn't remember what it is like to wake up every hour. She doesn't remember what its like to nurse two babies 5 times a day. She doesn't remember the 2 hours of evening colic. It HAS to get easier before age 5.

Well, when Adam and Isabel started sleeping through the night it did get a little easier. And when they started walking and playing more it got a little easier again. That honeymoon period lasted a little while. Now, I'm afraid, we are entering the terrible twos. Oh, and Anna has hit a rough patch as she approaches age 4 too.

I was going to go into specifics about our life with the kids right now, but I guess more whining is NOT what we need. And, I'm pretty sure you've all heard this before - I know I've posted the exact same type of complaints. I just like to tell it how it is - a bunch of posts about Disneyland, the beach and other lovely days just wouldn't be telling the whole story.

So, here's to a dinner ALONE while my Mom watches the kids this evening. It's been a while, and WE NEED IT!!

P.S. Here's a tip - when your kid is being bad, don't threaten them with not being able to go to Grandma's house. Because you need them to go to Grandma's house, you want them to go to Grandma's house, and that is just an empty threat that would never be followed through on.


Ellie said...

Oh I am so sorry! I hope you get a good night alone! If I was there I would take them !

Steph said...

I'm glad you got some time off...
I have issues with whoever labeled them "terrible twos." It seems like there are terribles in EVERY age. Zach definitely has his terribles at three and did at one too!
I hope things get a little easier!