Sunday, April 13, 2008

How fast are you?

I saw this test on a blog so I took it, it only takes a minute. I took it three times and it came up with 79, 78, and then 80. Then I went and looked on my resume and noticed I claim to type 90 words per minute. Oops! I was just guessing, but I guess I thought I was faster.

80 words

Ha, I really focused and took it one more time, and I got an 89. Woo hoo. I guess I don't have to change my resume.


Tiffani said...

I got 58 words per minute. Which is way faster then I thought. I guess I need to practice more. lol. I can type faster. But I can't read and type. That slows me down. Wow! You are super fast!!

Matt said...

Thanks Allison for the quiz. I was able to prove to Alex that I am a fast typer. I matched her speed. Id also like to thank my Poly High School Typing teacher for the skills!

Anonymous said...

Matt lives in a dream world... he never even got close to my speed! Thanks Allison, it took him ten minutes to post his comment!

Allison said...

Ha, you guys are funny.

Matt, did you have Mrs. Durst-Taylor (something like that) for typing?

We used actual typewriters back then, ha. I feel old. Our kids will never know what a typewriter is.

Vicki said...

wow allison you are super fast!! I got 64 wpm.

I didn't take typing when I was at Poly but I did at my JR High (in Orange...I lived there for one school year) and we used computers. That's funny that Poly still had typewriters.

You are right, our kids will never know. =o/ Now I feel old.

April-Benjamin said...

Allison-Hey it's April! I just took the test once and got a 78- I need to keep trying and get up to your 89. Pretty fun. How's life?