Thursday, July 31, 2008


Exxon Posts New Profit Record


Tiffani said...

That is so crazy!! And the sad part is I worked for a gas company. And the gas station owners never see any of this profit and neither do the regular employees. You have to be like a Regional VP before you see any of the profit. It's such a rip off.

Vicki said...

Did you read that they also BUY crude oil? They don't just sell it. Besides, each business is in the business of making money.

i don't to pay $5/gal for gas but it is just the way life is. It was always come up and always go down. Just like everything else.

Vicki said...

sorry, i didn't mean for my comment to sound so harsh.

i think i have just given up on being upset at the price of gas (i learned that working for a gas company-with tiffani, lol). that was more or less how my comment was supposed to sound. sorry. =o/