Friday, February 13, 2009

Favorite Commercial

I crack up every time this commercial comes on. It makes me laugh and I just saw it on TV so I thought I would post it.

By the way, I have the Blackberry Pearl, and I have to agree about the butt dialing. For me it is kid dialing, or purse dialing, but still. You can lock the keys, but when it is locked if you press some combination of numbers it automatically makes an emergency call to 911. I've done this by accident, and so have the kids. It is quite embarrassing. Next time we do it I'm going to tell the dispatcher, sorry, it was my butt dialing to tell me I need a flip phone. I wonder if they'll get it...

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Tiffani said...

ha ha! I seriously laugh every time i see this commercial too. Mine also is purse dialing or kids dialing. lol. The first time Nolan called 911 i argued with her it was impossible because the keypad was locked. But when i looked through the dialed calls he sure did somehow figure out how to call 911 with the keypad locked. Thankfully I have only done this once.
I am tryign to decided. This December I get to upgrade to a new phone. And I cant decide if I want to stay with a blackberry or get seomthing else. I really love my blackberry!! I just dont love the extra $30 a month. lol

Happy Valentines Day to you guys!!