Sunday, April 15, 2007

To Placate Allison

Allison has been hassling me to post for the last few days. I've had a hard time finding the inspiration for my inagural post. However, Allison's recent nagging will suffice. I don't think Allison thinks she is nagging. She often couches her criticism in gently worded questions. Like, "Will sod survive for more than two weeks sitting on pallets in our driveway?" Blank stare, blink, blink, "Yes!"

I appreciate Allison's attention to detail, but the details are rarely ones I would overlook. It's not like I ignored one of the twins as they were crawling precariously close to our deadly stairs. It seems like some nagging would have been appropriate at that moment (you will have to ask Allison about that one).

Besides dealing with the family, I spend most of my time trying to complete a house project (you probably thought I was going to say law school, ha!). Without going into too much detail, we purchased a 4200 sq. ft. home in Bountiful, Utah and sold our old home (also in Bountiful). Contrary to the original plans, we are renovating the entire home and the project is hopefully nearing completion. The following are the original pictures. I will post updated pictures later.

Just to get a feel for what is going on. This week the painting will continue and will hopefully be completed. New carpet is going in the master and a few of the other remaining rooms. Why do we feel the need to replace the carpet? As much as I love the color green, the master bedroom looks like the literal interpretation of the "green room." Don't worry, the lovely wallpaper has also been eliminated.

The end of the week will also find the kitchen cabinets, basement cabinets, and master bathroom cabinets completed. In case you are wondering what any of the old cabinets looked like, enjoy the following from the master bath. The picture is misleading, no one would buy the house with those cabinets. Also, half the walls have been removed from the master bath.

Well, that is all I have time to talk about for now. I have to go prioritize tasks for contractors this week. Wish me luck that any of them get completed. Oh, and don't tell Allison I called her a nag.


Allison said...

Ouch! At least I am a "gentle" nag. I try to be nice about it. But I am working on not saying anything anymore since I am doing nothing to help with the house.

And I don't know anything about any babies falling down stairs due to my parenting skills. But lets just say, everyone is fine.

Anonymous said...

Nice house, i love how bright everything looks...


smalls said...

BEN! I was just looking at an old friend's site and saw your page! Dang man.. nice place. I wish I could say that I live in such a beautiful place, but I live near Congrats on all that's going on! I was reading your page.. cute kids. Yeah the first months when they don't sleep are the hardest. I can't imagine with 2. 1 starts and the other is up too? Talk to you later.