Saturday, September 8, 2007

Date Night

Sometimes I miss the days before "date night" existed. You know, before we had to actually plan anything because we didn't need a babysitter. The days when we could just decide to see a movie any old time, and not have to find the perfect showing that falls after the kids are in bed but not too late because we're always up early. The days when there was no date night because it was pretty much every night, or at least every weekend night.

I value my alone time after 8 PM more than you could understand, and I value our date nights too. Pretty much since we had Anna we've been pretty good about going out. We get a babysitter almost every weekend and I think its one of the best things for our marriage. All week long we both focus on working, the kids, the house, etc. If we start to bicker during the day, I think we both know we need a night out - it really changes our attitudes.

Friday night we had the babysitter scheduled, but sadly we couldn't think of anything to do. 99 percent of the time we end up eating out or going to a movie. In our brainstorming, we talked about everything ranging from going to a comedy club to going to Best Buy (Ben's idea). We almost canceled the babysitter and rented a movie. In the end, we had a campfire up in the canyon next to our house and made smores and all of that good stuff.

But my point is - what do you do for date night? We need some new, refreshing ideas. I know you are reading, so leave some comments!!


Carilly said... random. Greg and I just got back from Best Buy!!! You'll never guess what he got there... =)

Maybe if Utah has a drive-in? Thats a lot of fun!!! We went to the drive in by Van Buren and had a lot of fun. There was this lady that tried to sell her dog at the movies. So random!

I hope you and Ben have a fun date night soon!!

Tiffani said...

sadly, our date night means we go out groccery shopping together without the kids. So, I don't think I have any good advise for you. Dan is gone so much and when he is home he wants to be with the kids. I can't even remember the last time we went to dinner together. And I know we have never been to a movies since he started for the railroad.
The campfire sounds like such a fun thing too.

Anonymous said...

What is this mysterious "date night" that you speak of? ;)

Sabby said...

Well since being married only 6 months we have not gotten too creative. When we do stuff it is usually active stuff, take walks, go on a bike ride, hiking or just go to the park.

Maybe you can trade off one week visit Best Buy and the next get manicures?

Allison said...

Carilly - How funny that you went to Best Buy. The drive-in is a good idea. We used to do that but haven't in a while.

Tiffani - Sometimes its nice to go grocery shopping without the kids though!

Jessica - Hmmm, maybe I can babysit the kids for you? :) Although I bet babysitting isn't the only problem, you are probably too busy.

Sabrina - You came up with the campfire idea, so thanks! Oh, and Ben really needs a manicure.