Friday, September 14, 2007

Why I Need to Pick Up a Present by Sunday

When I first started this blog I said we hardly ever leave the house. A lot has changed since then. Now that the babies are older and Ben is living a life of leisure until he gets his bar results, we get out quite a bit. But there are still lots of times we question our decision to leave the house - like last night.

Our church had a chili cook-off. First of all, we are not able to be very social when we go out as a family. We get there, and one of us sits at a table to try to keep the kids happy while the other quickly grabs some food for everyone. Then we sit at that table feeding everyone while everyone else socializes. With Adam and Isabel, you have to stay focused. As soon as you relax a bit, something happens.

Adam tried to follow me when I went to get Anna some dessert. A nice girl we know picked him up. A few seconds later I hear a commotion. When I get over there, Adam has thrown up all over her. Not on the ground which would have been managable, but right on her shirt. She was very nice about it and even stayed at the party - I would have gone home.

But did we go home? No. We've gotten used to the chaos and stayed, and actually had a decent time. We just made sure no one else held Adam. I think I owe that girl a present on Sunday.


Kevin said...

I hope that girl will still like to hold kids now, but i guess that is something you just expect when you hold kids! Did they have cobbler at the party? burnt cobbler?

Casey Angulo said...

Hey Allison, Can't wait until our kids are in FUMPS together! Good to hear from you. I added you to my blog friend links.